Hey, my name is Tim. Thanks for stopping by. I was born here in the states and married a beautiful Colombian woman back in 2010. From then on my passion for the Colombian culture has only grown. The food, the music, people, the language and sites – just wow.

I created this website because of one thing – Arepas. I really  like to make them – and I talk about them a lot. When I talk about them, people always ask me “What are Arepas? How do you make them?” and I tell them, but it doesn’t do it justice.

So – in essence, this whole website was formed by and around the Arepa. Of course there is far more to it than that – here you can find the most delicious Colombian recipes that I have personally found or eaten through my travels.


Tim overlooking Lago de Guatavita in Colombia – ©ArepasDelGringo

I hope to expose you to new things, new food and new inspiration for all things Colombia.

I hope you find something interesting here. We have the best Colombian and Venezuelan arepa recipes just a click away! Please leave a comment on your favorite one, – or even send me your favorite Colombian recipe and I will consider posting it on the website giving credit to you!