The Arepa Dominó. Is comprised of black beans and white cheese, either crumbled or more coarse. The Arepa dominó is a simple yet delicious arepa. You can find this Arepa in Colombia or Venezuela.

Arepa Dominó

Arepa Dominó – ArepasDelGringo

The arepa domino is also vegetarian – and a starting point to make it something else. You could also add slices of avocado or pieces of cooked platanos maduros (sweet plantains).

By adding platanos to this arepa, you have completely turned it into the Arepa Pabellón. The cheese used in the Pabellón is crumbled cotija and is a little more salty to give you a nice contrast in taste with the sweet platains.

Arepa Pabellón

Arepa Pabellón – ArepasDelGringo