The Arepa Pabellón, similar to the Arepa Dominó is comprised of crumbled cheese, black beans and platanos maduros (sweet plantains). The salt from the crumbled cotija mixed with the sweetness of the ripe plantains makes attacks your tastebuds from a variety of angles.

The Pabellón or “pavilion” is based off of the second most popular national dish after the arepa, called the Pabellon Criollo. The criollo is comprised of pulled beef, black beans, rice and maduros. As you can see this arepa is very similar.

Arepa Pabellón

Arepa Pabellón – ©ArepasDelGringo

Slice open the arepa, spoon in the black beans, shove in 2 (or 3) platanos maduros freshly cooked, sprinkle with crumbled cotija. There you have it. A fresh, hot, Arepa Arepa Pabellón.

Arepa Pabellón - ©ArepasDelGringo

Arepa Pabellón – ©ArepasDelGringo

Simple ingredients. Lot’s of flavor. Take out the maduros to have an Arepa Dominó like the one below. Depending on what you have in your pantry, thats the arepa of the day.

Arepa Dominó

Arepa Dominó – ©ArepasDelGringo

Buen Provecho!

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