Caldo De Costilla. Simply put is a Colombian rib soup. It is one of the most basic delicious soups I have had – but so delicious. Caldo de Costilla is often had as a morning soup, served with a hot arepa, when you are not feeling well and trying to get over a cold – or from a late night of partying. With very simple ingredients, this can be made in a snap for all to enjoy all day long.

To make Colombian Caldo de Costilla you will need just a few things. 2/3 pot of water, 5-6 ribs, fresh cilantro, 5-6 medium potatoes, some onion and salt. For this recipe we will also use a large soup or sauce pot since this soup is great for left overs.

Fresh ingredients are key to the perfect Caldo de Costilla recipe. Get some fresh rib meat with the bone in place. Look for pieces with not to much fat on it, but a little will add amazing flavor.

I find that medium sized gold potatoes work best and add great texture to the soup. For your onion a medium onion cut into large pieces works really well. Depending on how much onion you want you can use all of it, but I tend to use half.

Cut your potatoes (about 5 or six depending on how much soup you make. If you use a large post with 2/3 filled water 5 or six will work perfect.)


Caldo de Costilla Ingredients – ©ArepasDelGringo


Once the water starts to boil, add salt, the potatoes, onion and ribs. Once the potatos are soft and the meat is thoroughly cooked, the soup is ready. Add salt as needed. By this time, the onions are almost melted and the flavors combined are so good.

Once ready, shut off the heat and serve hot, sprinkle with some fresh cilantro. This is key, fresh vibrant green cilantro. It not only adds unimaginably good flavors and aroma, but it looks beautiful as well. Serve with a hot arepa and you are good to go.


Caldo de Costilla – ©ArepasDelGringo


Please try making Colombian Caldo de Costilla. It is a simple yet powerful soup that will activate your tastebuds in no time. When you do make it, let me know how it came out. Send me photos!