Hey guys! Welcome to my third website income report! By day, I am a software engineer. By night, I like to cook. I find it very useful to see “behind the scenes” at just about anything. Especially web and tech stuff. So I want to give you all some insight into what is involved into running one of these websites. Not only that – understanding your audience, building your audience and giving them more of what they are looking for.

This month has a new line item on my passive income streams, which is my new eBook, “Mastering the Arepa” which launched just recently. I have been working real hard to get this live for August sales and I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t do much advertising, just $20.00 on Facebook, but it did in face get me some sales.

This month for me had a lot of guessing as I hopefully would see some return on my new efforts. That being said, lets break down the month looking at expenses, income some some website stats.


  • $20.00 – eBook Facebook Ad Campaign – Mastering The Arepa – Order.
  • NEGATIVE: $20.00


  • $5.78 – Google Adsense revenue
  • $16.02 – Youtube Adsense revenue
  • $294.00 – Amazon Kindle eBook Revenue (14 pre-orders, 21 live sales)
  • POSITIVE: $315.80

So how did we do compared to last year? Well, almost $300 higher (awesome!) I continue to need two things. A large engaging audience and great original content. Without either of those things, or just one, things will not succeed.

In addition to my Kindle eBook, I have really tried to get my YouTube revenue up. The Arepas de Queso video on YouTube continues to dominate my other videos, but if I can get a few more videos to produce the income that one is producing, it will be great.

Speaking of new videos, I added quite a few new videos in August. The most successful both with income and view is Filling Arepa Ideas, with almost 300 views and $0.30 revenue.

Growth and Facebook Insights For August 2016

  • 12,022 Facebook Followers (WOW!)
  • 6,976 Facebook User Engagement
  • 4k Google analytics unique visitors to arepasdelgringo.com

ArepasDelGringo Youtube Channel August 1 – August 31

  • 30,215 Minutes Watched (up almost 8,000)
  • 4 Dislikes

Overall, we are continuing to go on the up trend!

As you can see, I am really pushing the Youtube Income. Right now, I am averaging ~$0.30 a day from all of my videos total. It is better than last month but no where near where I would like to be.

This post format will grow once I get more data from ArepasDelGringo and play around with layout on my site from audience behavior – i’ll keep you posted.

If you have any questions with this website income report, thoughts or insights into my post, please open up a discussion int he comment box! Come back next month for the next website income report.