Well it has been about a year since I last touched my Arepa de Queso video on YouTube. Just for fun, I was checking it’s earnings reports in the creator studio portal. To my surprise, it’s currently averaging $11 a month! Wow. Right? $11 a month with one video, doing nothing on my end – thats complete passive income. Thats is really sweet. So I have been thinking. What would happen if I actually pay some attention to this video, or add some more? Can I make this $11 a day? Let’s try it. Time to create some new goals.

Ok so I have seriously been thinking about this, and my new goal is to hit $11 a day in YouTube revenue – which is a totally reasonable goal. I have a methodology with my goal setting where I create smaller goals out of one larger goal, and really push my self with my smaller goals so when I complete them, I well surpass my larger goal.

For instance, if I am trying to hit 100,000 page views for the year, long term – I will set my smaller goals to reach 10,000 page views a month. Simple math, if I hit 10,000 page views a month times 12 months, I will hit in total 120,000 page views for the year. So thats my methodology.

OK that being said, here’s my plan which I will be documenting.

My year goal is to hit $11.00 a day with AdSense revenue coming from YouTube and AdSense which totals $4,015 for the year. So if currently, I am making $11.00 a month with one video on YouTube by complete passive income, all I need to do is increase my revenue by 30x. Ok 30x is quite a bit, but if I have multiple videos working to help push that along, I could speed up the process exponentially.

So heres my thinking. I have been making Arepas for quite some time now and when making them, I take lots of photos. It’s time to make some more videos.

A week after discovering my $11.00 a month average AdSense revenue from my one, (1) YouTube video, I decided to make some more.

Here is the thing. This type of income is completely passive once I invest the time into creating the actual video. Once the recipe has been decided, the recipe has been made, recorded, edited and uploaded, its done. I do not need to do anything to it ever again – except keep engagement going.

So I did a test, I was going to make some Arepas anyway, so I recorded it along with that, I decided to quickly make some Venezuelan Guasacaca sauce. I also took some great photography in the meantime.

Out of about 1 hour of actual work plus another hour editing and uploading. I got three new YouTube videos out of it all ready to go to make some AdSense revenue. Again, completely passive.

To make this $11.00 a day goal by this time next year, I would like to shoot for 50 YouTube Videos – meaning each video would need to make $0.22 daily. That is completely reasonable. Once I hit $11.00 a day, the next goal is going to be $25.00 a day.

So here we go. Off to reach my goal.