Hey guys! Welcome to my second website income report! If you do not know, I had to take a break from the website for a bit but am ow ready to consistently keep you all updated. Since the first month, I have not made any posts. Ran any campaigns, looked at my traffic, optimized any of my posts, or opened my publishing platform. So let’s get back to it. You might think to yourself “This website is about food, not making money” right? Yes, and no. By day, I am a software engineer. By night, I like to cook. I find it very useful to see “behind the scenes” at just about anything. Especially web and tech stuff. So I want to give you all some insight into what is involved into running one of these websites. Not only that – understanding your audience, building your audience and giving them more of what they are looking for.

This month for me was all about assessing the current landscape of ArepasDelGringo.com and creating a solid plan to build organic web traffic.

That being said, lets break down the month looking at expenses, income some some website stats.

As you might have guessed, the second month, was well, a loss financially. I had to do quite a few things to get up an running.


  • $40.00 – eBook Facebook Ad Campaign – Mastering The Arepa – Pre-Order.
  • NEGATIVE: $40.00


  • $0.78 – Google Adsense revenue
  • $8.71 – Youtube Adsense revenue
  • POSITIVE: $9.49

So here we have it, $9.09 cents more than my last report. At least it is higher right? I continue to need two things. A large engaging audience and great original content. Without either of those things, or just one, things will not succeed.

Right now, in the first few months. I am not focused on monetization. I am completely focused on rich original content, to build an audience. Once I have gained those things, I will shift into monetization. The first 2 weeks of January, were essentially building ArepasDelGringo.com and scrambling to make Arepas, photograph them and post at least the barebones on the website.

What I am doing retro actively is going back in and flushing out the content, working on my targeted keywords and make it rich for the user.

Growth and Facebook Insights For July 2016

  • 11,997 Facebook Followers (WOW!)
  • 4,904 Facebook User Engagement
  • 2k Google analytics unique visitors to arepasdelgringo.com (MEH, but I wasn’t focusing on that)

Right now it’s building my audience, creating super amazing content, … ??? … profit. Actually, those questions marks are not just question marks. I have a plan and I will fill you in – in a later post.

ArepasDelGringo Youtube Channel July 1 – July 31

  • 22,518 Minutes Watched

So overall, we are on the up trend!

This post format will grow once I get more data from ArepasDelGringo and play around with layout on my site from audience behavior – i’ll keep you posted.

If you have any questions with this website income report, thoughts or insights into my post, please open up a discussion int he comment box! Come back next month for the next website income report.